Golden Triangle Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours

India is a place which cultural and historical legacy is the landmark for the world. Each and every city is sparking the beauty of glorious Indian past. This is the land of Kings and maharaja, opulent palaces, magnificent forts, ornamental havalies, blossom gardens, crystalline beaches, pristine backwaters, authenticated churches and entertaining folk events. People from all over the world come here to celebrate their best moment of life. India is the only land where you can see the great amalgamation in age old tradition and modernization on same platform.

India Tour offers you exotic hill stations and spiritual pilgrimage sites in the north, golden glittering desert and stunning sea in the west, amazing blue sea in the east and divine backwaters beauty in the south. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of incredible India in words because it can be feel only. To explore the historical and cultural thrill of India, Golden Triangle India tour is the best package. The Golden Triangle is the combination of three enchanting cities: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which is beautifully presenting the glamour of India.

Delhi, the capital of India is the oldest city of India. Its rich cultural and historical heritage attracts the tourist from all over the world.  It is the home of many world heritage sites. The elegancy and brilliancy of Red Fort makes it the center of attraction of the Delhi tour during Golden Triangle Tour Packages. It is also listed in the UNISCO World Heritage Site.   This beautiful red sand stoned legendry fort speaks the stories of Mughal Dynasty. Additionally, you can catch the beauty of Jantar Mantar, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Qutub Minar, India Gate and lotus temple. Delhi is also famous among the shopping lovers and food lovers. Connaught place and chandni Chawk are the two most famous markets of Delhi. Delhi offers mouthwatering Mughali dishes and many traditional healthy and spicy dishes for Delhi lovers. Golden Triangle Tour packages

Agra is the second destination of Golden Triangle. This historical city is renowned as the city of Taj. This beautiful city is world famous for its Mughal architecture that was built by Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Agra has many eye pleasing sites, but the heavenly beauty of Taj Mahal makes it the hottest tourist destination of India. The amazing infrastructure and nail biting beauty of great white marbled Taj makes it the One of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Taj Mahal is famous as the Saga of Love because it is the palace if love and romance. This amazing palace was built by the Mughal king Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved queen Mumtaz. Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Ram Bagh and Sikandra Fort are some other attractions of this city.

Pink city Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. This city is world famous for its royalty and great Rajputi style of architecture. This majestic city is the live image of royal rajput kingdom. This cultural city is still maintaining its age old culture and tradition which takes a special corner in the heart of every visitor. Its royalty can be evaluated by the beauty of Forts of Amber Nahargarh fort, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace and Hawa Mahal. Othe major attraction of this beautiful city is its colorful markets which represents the rich rural skills of India. Walking in its bustling markets one can easily find the world’s best handicrafts and jewelry items which are the charm of this city.

Golden Triangle Tours is the best way to explore the rich cultural heritage of India in a very short time.

A Journey to one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Taj Mahal is a timeless image of affection, which are a living heritage and most placing monument of India. Shah Jahan was fully infatuated along with his third wife. His endless love for his adoring wife Mumtaz, Shah Jahan selected giving a tribute to her. Therefore, this perfect marvel of India was designed by Shah Jahan within the memory of his beautiful companion, Mumtaz Mahal. The legendary tale behind the Taj is actually shocking and exquisite. From more than two hundreds of years, the monument is attracting history lovers from all around the world to avail Taj Mahal tours.

It is considered as the crowning glory of India and called the jewel of Muslim architecture. The great Taj Mahal is an amazing collection of fascinating design and spectacular interiors. This unimaginable masterpiece of India is additionally the sensible example of Mughal design that could be a vogue that blends parts from Persian, Turkish added as in Indian way. The structure has conjointly gained a worldwide recognition by changing into a UNISCO World Heritage site in the year 1983. Taj Mahal History

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One would possibly get stunned to grasp that mausoleum took virtually twenty-two year to finish. Although, the wait has paid off well because the monument has given the impression to be thus lovely and implausibly outstanding. The main attraction of this beautiful Taj is its white marbled base; Jali work and ivory work on the wall and roof. Moreover the construction of this work of art was given to a board of architects. It was built in direction of Abd ul-Karim Ma’mur Khan, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri and Makramat Khan. Lahauri was the chief designer.

Standing upon the bank of river Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh; Taj Mahal is the incredible gift of Mughal emperor shah Jahan to the world. The eye catching beauty of this white tomb makes it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The quality of this monument is actually unrivalled. Moreover, it’s the leading romantic place to explore together with your loved one. Catching the glimpse of this fabulous Taj within the full moon light will give you a marvelous memory of India tour for lifetime. Places to visit in Agra

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Explore The Sterling Marvels of India with Golden Triangle Tours

If you want to explore sterling historical marvels of India, Golden Triangle is what you must plan to opt for. Considered as the most prized tour package of India, it comprises of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Under this tour, you are allowed to watch pyramid of interesting attractions of all these three cities. This is the ideal base for those willing to experience the essence of Indian culture and glory.
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Delhi is a capital of India beholding the old civilization of Mughals that can be experienced by witnessing different historical monuments, located here. It has a marvelous range of pre-historic buildings and sites, incorporated beguiling interiors and artwork which depicts the culture of Mughal Empire. When you’re in Delhi, you can also visit to its different bustling markets which are extremely exciting and widened. Tourists visiting to Delhi would choose luxury hotels for a comfortable stay. Also, it is chosen for its colorful festivals elegantly celebrated within short period of time in a year.

Agra was truly famed during the reign of Shah Jahan, considered to be one of the finest Mughals from 1628 to 1658. He used to do lots of improvements here with his excellence and intelligence. Depicting his talent and architectural style, Taj Mahal is a marvel artistic edifice of Agra built for his favorite companion, Mumtaz Mahal. Tourists can also enjoy blissful shopping in this city. For a comfortable stay, Agra is the perfect place to visit as India’s best heritage hotels are located here. Agra Tour Packages

The reign of Rajputs has given Jaipur a distinctive name in the world with its fantastic imaginative designs and royal lifestyle. By then, this city has been improving till today. Few years ago, the government has entitled it with ‘Pink City’ due to its seamless development in constructions whether it comes to transportation or apartments. To know the culture of Rajputs, you should visit to its different historical buildings. Some of the most engrossing architectural structures of this city include Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort, and so on. India Holidays

Thus, Golden Triangle india Tour is very popular amongst the tourists. If you’re planning to travel to India for cultural vacations, then this tour would aptly suit you.


Wildlife in India is truly amazing. In fact, there are a good range of tiger reserves in the country which are incorporated with different sorts of tiger breeds. But in this article we are going to discuss about three prominent tiger reserves of India. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Periyar Tiger Reserve are the most prized wildlife destinations in this subcontinent. India Wildlife Tours

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Located in the eastern part of Rajasthan at Sawai Madhopur Distinct, this park was once served as the hunting ground of Maharaja of Jaipur. Covering over an area of 1334 sq. km, it intersects between the Aravali and the Vindhya hill ranges. In 1973, it was declared as a tiger reserve. Geographically, it has rich flora and fauna. It is home to a good population of tigers, leopards, jungle cats, blackbuck, jackels, etc. Moreover, one will find a good range of vegetation, pampas, opaque forests and seasonal streams in this area. Different kinds of flowering plants add extra beauty of this place which will fascinate the heart of nature lovers. The most appealing attraction of this park is Ranthambore Fort that was constructed in 944 AD. Ranthambore National Park

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Another top-rated tiger reserve of India is Periyar National Park that lies in the thick forests of Western Ghats. Best known for its Bengal tigers, this area spreads over Elephants are the special appeal of this place. Further, it consists of 49 species of mammals, 246 species of birds, 8 kinds of amphibians, 28 species of reptiles and 112 species of butterflies. Blessed with green surroundings, artificial lakes, tropical evergreen fields, green grasslands, beautiful landscaping, etc, it is visited by adventure lovers as well as naturalists. Some of the most captivating wild animals such as Elephants, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Dole, Gaur, Wild Pigs and a big density of tigers are found here. What to see in India

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve

One of the most picturesque tiger reserves in India, Bandhavgarh spans over 1,162 sq. km. It holds rich and varied vegetation, plants and a big collection of wild animals. Further, it hosts the world’s most important species of tigers. This park also captivates visitors with its exotic flora such as Shorea robusta, Holoptelia Pongamia pinnata, integrifolia, Terminalia alata, Boswellia serrata, Dendrocalamus strictus and Zizyphus mauritiana. While visiting to this place, you cannot miss a benefit to witness different types of mammals, including leopards, Nilgai, styped hyena, rock python, etc. Species of Birds: Red Headed Vulture, Eagle, golden fronted leafbird, and white-browned fantail. Bandhavgarh Natonal Park

Experience the enthralling attractions of all these destinations with India Tour Packages. Take a brilliant Elephant ride to explore jungle wildness via this tour. So, don’t miss to acquire it.

How to travel Delhi to Agra?

Delhi and Agra are the two most visited cities of India because of the cultural heritage and archeological monuments that these cities incorporate. Delhi, the capital of India, is known for its edifices that it has inherited from its past like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Masjid and other political monuments like Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate, etc. It is also the hub for up-market shopping malls and food joints. On the other hand, Agra, City of Taj is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It holds the monuments of the Mughal era. Taj Mahal is an example of such time as it was built by the former ruler, Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz. Other monuments were also built up by the Akbar, Jahangir and others who were ruling that time. Delhi Agra Tours

Though both the cities are located in the different states, their connectivity is not a problem. India terrain provides the best services for connecting from one part of the country to the other. The best and convenient conveyance to reach Agra from Delhi is either by road or by train. You can opt for any of the one, depending on your need and comfort level. Both the ways are economical and efficient as the distance between the two cities is just two hundred and four kilometers only. Taj Mahal Tour

By Road:-
Travelling from Delhi to Agra is simple and that too, if you travelling by road through any means of public transport like Volvo Bus or your own car or any rental car. Opting for any of the three will give you a comfortable journey throughout. Travelling by road will take two hours and twenty nine minutes only. Now, the facility of the express highway has been started from Delhi to Agra- Taj Expressway, formerly known as Yamuna Expressway. So for comfortable and smooth journey, you can go by car or bus.

By Train:
Your sojourn to Agra will not be messed up because you have the best conveyance facilities. If you don’t like travelling between Delhi and Agra by car, you can choose train as well, the safest and cheapest way to reach Agra in the stipulated time. There are direct trains between Delhi and Agra from New Delhi railway station. There are two early morning trains- Bhopal Shatabdi and Taj Express Superfast- departing from New Delhi at 6.15a.m and 7.10a.m and arriving at Agra railway station at 8.12a.m and 10.07a.m respectively and will take approx two-three hours to reach Agra. These trains will have 1AC (first class, seated, air conditioned) and CC (Chair car, seated, air conditioned) coaches. Choose accordingly. Same Day Mahal Tour

So, your journey from Delhi to Agra will be at ease in both the cases. You can enjoy your trip with leisure and relaxation. But the timings of trains are according to the Indian Railways time table prior to any change.