Visit Taj Mahal The Romantic Seven Wonder

Taj Mahal is one amongst the foremost marvelous masterpieces of architecture within the world. It’s located at the bank of river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh, the mausoleum is additionally thought of to be one in all the seven most majestic historical structures of the globe. This monument was in-built the name of affection and devotion. This white marble structure was the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahans, gift for his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. It’s created out of marble and took twenty two years and 22000 employees to complete this opaque marble grave.

Its impressive, marvelous and aesthetic beauty hypnotizes its viewers. Its unbelievable detail merely needs to be seen to be appreciated. An emblem of pure love, passion, feeling and divinity, in 1983 the Taj became a UNESCO World Heritage site and was cited as “the jewel of Muslim art in Asian nation and one amongst the universally loved masterpieces of the world’s heritage. Golden Triangle Tours

The attractiveness of the mausoleum comes up as marvelous whenever you visit, whether its early morning, afternoon or evening. But, its magnificence particularly at full moon night is on the far side the scope of words. The rays of the moon illumine the complete monument and lend it a faint silvery glow. Mausoleum appearance thus mesmeric on a full-of-the-moon night that you simply won’t even notice; however the night passed and therefore the sun came to wash it in reminder pink.

This is pleasantly short description regarding mausoleum. We’ve have no words to justice its unbelievable detail; however it might be enough to mention that the Taj encompasses a lifetime of its own that leaps out of marble, provided you perceive that it’s a monument of affection. No surprise then, the mausoleum is that the most asked for destination by a far off individual. A lot of traveler from everywhere the globe visit Taj Mahal Agra Tours to watch the grandeur of the mausoleum and exclusively a lucky few get to check this surprise in marble. No surprise then, the mausoleum is that the most asked for destination by a far off individual. It’s unquestionably the epitome of Indian tourism.  India travel is incomplete while not experiencing the beauty of Taj. A tour to the mausoleum could be a once during a period expertise.

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The Magical Taj Mahal Tour

Taj Mahal tour to India is one of the most beautiful experiences of India tour. Spending some moment of your life with the amazing beauty of palace of love and devotion with you loving one and your family will definitely gives a remarkable memory of your life. It is one of the most beautiful monuments of the world which is famous for its amazing architectural white marbled beauty. Glimpse of this stunning beauty in full moon night is sure to cast a magic spell on you forever and leaves tremendous treasured memories in your mind for lifetime. No wonder then, the Taj Mahal is the most hunted after destination by travelers, not only in foreigners but also thousands of domestic travels also visit Taj Mahal every year.

Wonder of the world Taj Mahal is beautifully situated on the bank of a very famous River Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This splendid monument was built in Agra by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in 1653 in the memory of his lovely queen Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal was died in 1631 and after her death Shah Jahan ordered to start this marvelous mausoleum according to his promised to his beloved wife. This amazing beauty had taken 22 years in completion.  20,000 labors worked day and night to complete this milky marble tomb.

There are lots of stories famous about the Taj. Different people have different views.  But in all stories one story is very famous and unique.  This is the story of great love of romantic Mughal king and charming queen Mumtaz. People say this beautiful tomb is the evidence of love, faith, sorrow and promise of Shah Jhahn. The location of Agra fort is exactly same on the other side Of Yamuna. Shah Jahan watched this incredible beauty from his Agra fort whole day in the memory of his wife.

The Taj Mahal Tour India will offer you a great chance to explore a wonderful blend of Indo-Islamic architecture. The structure of Taj Mahal is milestone in the field of architecture. It was designed by four pertain architect. Actually this integrated complex of structures contains gardens, gateways, inns and a mosque. The purity of the white marble becomes incredible with red sandstone base. You can see the beauty of Taj in different shades with the move of earth. Moreover, the beauty of this palace becomes heavenly on full moon night. Watching this thrill from the bank of river Yamuna and getting a beautiful refection in the water of Taj at the same time is undoubtedly most unforgettable and beautiful moment of anyone’s life. The sparkling beauty of Taj Mahal says every romantic story of Taj on that night itself.

If you are planning for India tour in this vacation, must visit Taj Mahal with Taj Mahal Tour Packages and explore the beauty of most beautiful wonder of the world with your own eyes.